Hello World, I'm Elton...

I'm the founder of WEBPILR LLC, an agency dedicated to giving small businesses a web presence.

I’ve always been into computer systems and their capabilities, even as a young child, but when I started searching for a college degree program at the University of Cincinnati I saw Information Engineering Technology...I immediately envisioned it as some Orwellian life assignment from 1984, that didn’t sound interesting at all..."What information am I engineering?"..."What does this have to do with computers?". At the time, IET or IT was a fairly new title, before then it was Information Systems, Computer Science, Data Processing or something of that nature. Funny how the title has morphed over the years, but now more than ever the title of Information Engineer is relevant to me. Beyond the technical aspects of my career; I now truly engineer information, in the form of websites that make businesses and individuals successful online...and I love it!

I now have a dual degree in Information Engineering Technology and Computer Science and have worked in the IT industry for over ten years. I’ve worked at a regional utility company, a B2B services company, and I currently do work for a major healthcare organization. For these companies I’ve designed, deployed, and maintained back end systems that host websites, email, and several applications that run day to day business.